RHS Rosemoor

Our Garden Appreciaction Group left Chester Road in Newquay at 9am for a 2-hour trip to RHS Rosemoor by coach provided by A-B Newquay Taxi & Coach Company. It was a hot day, so thankfully the air-con worked well on the comfortable coach.

Arriving at RHS Rosemoor, we went our separate ways, some of us into the cafe for a coffee, others went straight into the gardens in smaller groups.

There was a lot to see, spread over a large area, and although we were enjoying the visit, those of us who had gone straight into the gardens were soon feeling peckish. Fortunately there is another small tea rooms at the far side of the gardens where we could at least get a drink and a cake if we wanted.

As the day got warmer we were glad of the shade provided in the wooded areas, but we didn’t really have enough time to see everything on the far side before we headed back to the cafe area for some lunch.

After a really enjoyable day though we were glad to get back on the coach for our journey home. We haven’t seen everything, so there is an excuse for another visit, maybe later on in the year next year when the roses in the rose gardens are out.


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