Mike Bearcroft

Notes from the General Meeting at The Lane Theatre
on Tuesday 12th June at 11.00 am



Born in Sheffield the day Mussolini died in 1945, Mike Bearcroft gave us an amusing talk about his very varied life, starting as a junior footballer for Sheffield United, progressing through his career in sales and marketing until taking a change in direction. Wanting to join the acting profession, he started as an extra and eventually, having earned his Equity Card, he got small speaking parts in “The Bill”, and other TV programmes. Always looking for new ideas, he then founded a Murder Mystery company and a couple of other companies in the entertainment business. Mike never lost his passion for football though, and he went on to write his thriller novel “Dangerous Score” based on his in depth knowledge of what happens in a football club.

Mike seemed to be well received by our U3A audience, judging by the laughter at some of his anecdotes. He had threatened to talk for five hours, but on advice from our committee members he actually kept his talk to 45 minutes. Mike arrived early, set up his stage with the help of the staff of the Lane Theatre and then enjoyed chatting with us members of U3A. After his talk he stayed to autograph his books which were on sale after the meeting.


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